Use Household Items in Cleaning Silverware from Move Out Cleaning Overland Park Experts

Use Household Items in Cleaning Silverware from Move Out Cleaning Overland Park Experts

Breaking out the nice silverware service, pitchers or trays can really elevate the mood regardless of the occasion at your place. Remember, tarnish isn’t going to impress anyone, it can be a big downer. It is important for the silver pieces to shine prior to the arrival of guests. It may happen that you may not have a drop of polish in your house, but you don’t need to worry!

We are listing a few tips on cleaning silverware using household items. These tips are from move out cleaning Overland Park service providers.

Toothpaste for Cleaning Silverware

You’ll Need– Toothpaste (use paste, not gel), microfiber cloth, a soft toothbrush and warm water.


  1. With a dry microfiber cloth, rub toothpaste onto the tarnished silver, see to it that the toothpaste does not scratch the silver.
  2. Clean detailed areas of silverware gently with a toothbrush instead of the cloth. Do not scrub as your silver pieces might get damaged.
  3. Rinse the silver under warm water until none of the toothpaste remains.
  4. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the items dry.

Clean Silver with Baking Soda

You’ll Need- Baking soda, water, bowl, microfiber cloths and a soft toothbrush.


  1. Mix equal three parts baking soda to one-part water in a bowl and stir until you have a paste.
  2. After dipping your microfiber cloth into the paste, delicately rub the mixture onto your silver pieces. Be gentle.
  3. Using toothbrush, lightly clean any engraving or fine details. Do not scrub.
  4. Remove baking soda residue from silver pieces by rinsing them under running water.
  5. Dry your silverware with a clean microfiber cloth.

Vinegar and Baking Soda for Cleaning Silverware

You’ll Need- Aluminum foil, a glass baking dish, 1-2 cups of boiling water, ½ cup of distilled white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of sea salt and a dry microfiber cloth.


  1. First and foremost, line your baking dish with aluminum foil with the shinier side facing up.
  2. Sprinkle the mixture of baking soda and sea salt into the dish.
  3. Pour the vinegar into the dish which will lead to fizz because of the reaction between baking soda and vinegar.
  4. Add the boiling water and place your silverware along the bottom of the baking dish.
  5. Let the silver soak and the timing depends on how light or heavy the tarnish is.
  6. With the help of tongs, remove silverware and dry them with a microfiber cloth.

You need to be very much careful if your silver pieces are very fragile and valuable. You should consider having them professionally cleaned in such a scenario.

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Steps to Deep Cleaning the House Room by Room in Overland Park

Steps to Deep Cleaning the House Room by Room in Overland Park

One should maintain a tidy home throughout the year. A routine maintenance or lighter cleaning can keep your house orderly week by week whereas a deeper, more detailed process will set you up for success the rest of the year.

Here’s a lowdown on tips from maid services in Overland Park that will ensure you are properly deep cleaning your home.

Setting a proper schedule is the key to deep cleaning the house as it isn’t a chore you can conquer one day after work, so plan accordingly. Create a list of each of the rooms you’ll need to deep clean and the tasks you’ll need to complete as you go. Give yourself several weekends to complete your deep cleaning which totally depends on the size of your home.

A proper schedule for deep cleaning the house room by room:

Weekend 1: Bedrooms

  1. Wipe off knickknacks, surfaces, ceiling fans and baseboards, remembering to clean behind your headboard
  2. Flip or rotate mattresses
  3. Wash bed linens, including duvets and mattress pads
  4. Clean under your bed
  5. Organize bedroom closets
  6. Clean window treatments

Weekend 2: Kitchen and Bathrooms


  1. Organize the pantry and clean the tops and insides of kitchen cabinets.
  2. Vacuum and wash the floor behind the fridge.
  3. Vacuum refrigerator coils and the vent at the bottom of the refrigerator.
  4. Clean and organize your refrigerator.
  5. Clean window treatments, sinks, the stovetop and the oven.
  6. Wipe down countertops, appliances and cabinet surfaces.


  1. Dust light fixtures and clear cobwebs out of the corners
  2. Clean tubs, showers, toilets and sinks
  3. Clean shower curtains (or replace them) and bathmats
  4. Wash surfaces and mirrors
  5. Clean window treatments

Weekend 3: Common and Outdoor Areas

Outdoor area jobs:

  1. Wash any outdoor furniture and decor.
  2. Sweep patios, porches or decks.
  3. Store any out-of-season decorations.

Common Area Tasks:

  1. Wipe down surfaces, standing lamps and cobwebbed corners
  2. Clean furniture and lampshades with your vacuum’s upholstery attachment
  3. Straighten up the room

Ways to deep cleaning the house:

Make certain that you are working from the top of the room to the bottom when you are deep cleaning your home because through that way any dust or dirt that you knock down as you clean can be vacuumed once you’ve finished in each room.

  1. Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  2. Toss unused or expired household items.
  3. Wash baseboards by moving furniture.
  4. Clean window treatments.
  5. Vacuum, mop and wash your floors based on what your floors are made of.
  6. Wash windows, window sills and door frames.
  7. Wash out trash cans.
  8. Change smoke detector batteries.
  9. Do check the expiration dates on fire extinguishers.

Each time you tackle a room, make sure to complete these chores so that you get the most out of your deep cleaning efforts. If you are thinking about going for cleaning services in the Overland Park region, Tidy Up Angels LLC is the place for you. Some of our services include custom house cleaning, put on market cleaning, move in cleaning Overland Park and move out cleaning.

Tidy Up Angels LLC conducts detailed cleaning of your home that lasts several hours during your initial cleaning visit. When it comes to knowing how to deep clean your house room by room, Tidy Up Angels LLC has you covered. Contact us to schedule your home’s deep cleaning today. For more information, call on 913-642-2006, we have been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.

Moving In Cleaning Strategies to Spiffy Up Your New Home

Moving to a new home is always exciting, whether it’s your very first bachelor pad or a more spacious place for your growing family of five. Regardless, the task of cleaning before moving in is always first on the agenda. Busy folks might consider getting a Kansas City maid service and hire them for move in out & deep cleaning services. Others forgo local house cleaning KS (even with all the house cleaning deals Kansas City) and attempt to do much of the work alone. Here are some cleaning tips that you should think about when moving to a new house, whether you are hiring a Kansas City maid service or choosing to clean your new place yourself!

1. Start cleaning the week (or two weeks) before the movers bring everything in. You can already hire a Kansas City maid service to do a thorough scrub down when it is relatively easy, meaning there is little or no furniture to navigate around and get in the way of steady cleaning.

Kansas City Maid Service

2. Always start with the kitchen. Before you or your local house cleaning KS starts on move in out cleaning services anywhere else, the kitchen should be the first area to become spotless. This is to ensure that the place where you will cook your first meal will be clean and sanitary. It may take you several days or weeks to fully unpack everything, but you will be eating several times a day in the kitchen all throughout.

3. Proceed with the areas you are not likely to clean as much when everything’s settled. We’re talking areas like inside the cupboards, walls that need to be scrubbed, baseboards and moldings, basements and attics, radiators, and garbage disposal units. Your Kansas City maid service that you got from house cleaning deals Kansas City should prioritize this. You are not likely to touch these areas once you and your local house cleaning KS have already pushed in the furniture in and around these places.

4. Add an antibacterial touch to the areas that your family will be frequently touching or putting things on. While your move in out cleaning services are busy polishing up the windows, go around the house and start wiping places with an antibacterial solution such as doorknobs, drawer and cabinet handles, countertops and surfaces, and other areas where your hands are likely to always be in contact with.

5. Have cleaning kits at the ready in each area or room of the house. When your move in cleaning overland park help you put everything in place, things can go much faster if you don’t have to walk all the way to the other end of the house just to borrow that one broom you have, or wait for your son to finish using the bucket so you can use it yourself. Having cleaning materials and tools at the ready will mean everyone (including your local house cleaning KS) can easily reach for what they need – and finish in the least amount of time!