Best Way to Clean Your House

Best Way to Clean Your House

For some, cleaning is the most relaxing thing in the world — an activity you look forward to every day, week, or month. For others, it can be incredibly stressful and exhausting, especially when you have a million other things on your plate. Either way, there are probably times when you can see the dirt and dust piling up around the house, but little time to get rid of it. That’s when knowing quicker ways to clean your house can come really in handy.

Dividing your cleaning tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly ones can also make a world of a difference.   Once you’ve got your cleaning schedule down and decluttering out of the way, it’s time to start cleaning.

The Best Way to Clean Your House

The biggest mistake people make is cleaning room by room.

For each task, start at the highest point in the room (if dusting, this might mean high shelves), and move from left to right across the room. This way, you don’t miss anything, and you won’t accidentally knock dust onto already-cleaned lower shelves.

Step 1: Dust Your House

Dust each room, including the topsides of all the furniture, undersides of shelves, and all handrails, as well as picture frames, TV screens, and knickknacks. “When it’s possible to dry-dust, I do — getting something wet makes it harder,” Romero says. To get rid of fingerprints, dampen a microfiber cloth with warm water.

Step 2: Clean Furniture Fabric

Go through the house and strip and remake beds; neaten any pillows or furniture blankets. Brush furniture surfaces with a vacuum extension as needed.

Step 3: Clean Mirrors and Glass

Wipe down mirrors and windows throughout the house.

Step 4: Clean Surfaces

Wipe down all surfaces and counters throughout the house, disinfecting as necessary.

Step 5: Clean the Kitchen and Bathroom

Walk through and spray cleaner on tubs, sinks, and toilets. Return and scrub. Then, in the kitchen, wipe down the inside of the microwave, and cabinet and appliance doors.

Step 6: Clean Floors

Sweep, then mop or scrub the bathroom and kitchen floors, and any other floor that needs it.

Step 7: Vacuum the House

Vacuum your way out the bedrooms, down the stairs, through the living room and out of the house.

Treat yourself and your home!  Tidy Up Angels has been providing residential cleaning service to the Overland Park area since 2008. Trusting someone to clean your home can be a little unnerving. If this is your first time hiring a cleaning company, we want you to know that you can relax with Tidy Up Angels. Our company is fully insured and bonded; safeguarding your most personal possessions. Honesty, integrity, and good work ethics are the back bone of our company. We aim to meet all your expectations and we hope to exceed them during each service. Let us know how we can help with your house cleaning services in Overland Park and how we can help you – contact Tidy Up Angels LLC at 913-642-2006.


Clean Your House by Thanksgiving! Things You Have to Clean Before You Host Thanksgiving

Clean Your House by Thanksgiving! Things You Have to Clean Before You Host Thanksgiving

It’s easy to clean your home in a hurry—the regular cleaning, that is: vacuum, mop, laundry, dishes.

But cleaning your home when you host Thanksgiving is a little different!

You use dishes and linens you only pull out once a year.
You have overnight guests.
You need to use rooms you’ve been using as storage areas or clutter catch-alls.

Things You Need to Clean Before Thanksgiving

  1. Wash and iron tablecloths and cloth napkins.

  • Tablecloths stored all year will smell dusty, and stains you didn’t notice when you stored them are still there! Pretreat, soak, and wash your tablecloths and cloth napkins, and iron them right out of the dryer.
  • Don’t wash them with other items, because tablecloths and napkins attract hair like a magnet.
  • Remember to wash and iron a few extra napkins to line bread baskets and put under pitchers or wine bottles to keep the kitchen counter and tablecloth clean.
  1. Wash all sheets, blankets, and mattress covers.

  • Overnight guests deserve a freshly made bed.
    1. Mattress cover
    2. sheets
    3. blankets

Close the guest room door to keep pets off the bed, and vacuum yourself out of the room.

  • If guests will be using your kids’ beds, go ahead and wash everything today, then re-wash the sheets and blankets a few days before.
  1. Wash all your china, silverware, and stemware.

  • Most holiday dishes and glasses have to be handwashed. Do it now, not on crazy-busy Thanksgiving morning!
  • Dry everything to a shine, and stash it all in an out of the way place, like on a card table in the corner of the dining room. (If you put the dishes on the dining table, you’ll have to move them again when you set the table!) Cover it all with a clean sheet to keep the dust off.
  1. Detail the bathrooms. All of them.

  • Don’t assume guests will only use the guest bathroom—of course you’ll show your guests to another bathroom if there’s a line!
  1. Detail the Kitchen.

  • Clean the faucet covered in months of grime and hard water deposits
  • Clean your oven.  Plus, self-cleaning ovens are notorious for breaking after they run a self-cleaning cycle. If you clean the oven now and it does break, better now when you have time to get it repaired than on Thanksgiving morning.
  • Clean all of your cabinets inside and out—cleaning lower cabinets is a perfect job for kids, detail the stove, clean the outside of the dishwasher, and pull everything off the counters and scrub the nooks and crannies.

Taking the time to clean ahead of time will help you enjoy the cooking and socializing without being stressed or embarrassed about your housekeeping.  Tidy Up Angels has been providing residential cleaning service to the Overland Park area since 2008. Trusting someone to clean your home can be a little unnerving. If this is your first time hiring a cleaning company, we want you to know that you can relax with Tidy Up Angels. Our company is fully insured and bonded; safeguarding your most personal possessions. Honesty, integrity, and good work ethics are the back bone of our company. We aim to meet all your expectations and we hope to exceed them during each service. Let us know how we can help with your house cleaning services in Overland Park and how we can help you get ready for Thanksgiving guests, contact Tidy Up Angels LLC at 913-642-2006.



Although it seems counter-intuitive, dishwashers can get pretty darn dirty—even with all the hot water and detergent constantly running through it. Whether it’s the chemicals in dish washing soap or grease and grime buildup, your once-pristine dishwasher may be brimming with scummy residue, germs, and odors. Not only that, they can get clogged and there will be nasty, smelly water sitting in the bottom, which is gross! While we know we need to properly care for our coffee machines, clean our electric kettles, and sanitize our counter-tops, we rarely think to do the same for our cleaning devices. Luckily, cleaning your dishwasher is quick and easy with items you already have in the pantry: vinegar, baking soda, or bleach.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to spend all your free time with your head in the machine. Do a deep clean including an alkaline wash and drain trap scrub once a month. You should wipe down the panel and controls once a week. That said, if you notice that the dishwasher is smelly, moldy, or not cleaning as well as it normally does, it’s time to don the rubber gloves and get in there.

You might be surprised by all the problems you can solve with apple cider vinegar. But for this chore,  works best. Fill a dishwasher-safe cup or bowl with white vinegar and place it on the upper rack of your machine. Run the otherwise-empty dishwasher on the hottest setting—this will allow the vinegar to absorb odors and erode grimy buildup on the walls of the machine. Vinegar is astringently acidic, which makes it a great agent for breaking down scum on most appliances (you can use it to clean your washing machine, too). Keep a spray bottle with vinegar on hand and spritz the inside of your machine frequently in between washes for prolonged sparkle.

Maybe you already use baking soda to remove pesticides from fruit. It’s a safe and mild alkali substance that goes a long way in removing persistent residue left by food waste. Sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda along the bottom of your dishwasher and rinse on a hot-water cycle. Repeat this process when you have especially stubborn stains or smells. For extra cleaning punch, create “baking soda bombs” by mixing 2 cups of baking soda with 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl until it’s a paste-like consistency. Drop spoonfuls onto parchment paper and allow to dry for a few hours. Toss them on the bottom of your dishwasher and run a hot-water cycle in an empty machine. For a fresher scent, add a few drops of an essential oil to the mix.

Proceed with caution! While bleach is great for killing germs, mildew, and mold, it can ruin a dishwasher if the inside is made of stainless-steel or has any stainless-steel parts on the inside. If your machine has any stainless-steel parts on the inside, use one of the methods listed above. If you have determined with 100 percent certainty that your dishwasher is lined with plastic and has plastic parts (this is usually the case with less expensive models), then bleach away. Follow the same method as vinegar—fill a bowl with about 1/2 cup bleach and run the machine, empty, on the hottest setting.

With most modern dishwashers, you don’t need to fully rinse the dishes before loading them into the machine. Doing so can actually make the machine less efficient, as the internal sensor will think that the dishes are clean and sanitized before they actually are—causing it to run a shorter cycle. That said, go ahead and scrape off any large pieces of food as they are candidate no. 1 for clogging the dishwasher drain trap.
Speaking of the drain trap, check it frequently to make sure there’s not a bunch of gross stuff in there just waiting to stink up the place. If there is, start by removing and disassembling it. Once it’s apart, use a sponge or toothbrush and dish soap to remove any stuck-on food bits or mold.

These are just some great tips to help you get through your week – but if you would like to have your home professionally cleaned; contact Tidy Up Angels and we will do your entire house cleaning. Call the Tidy Up Angels today at 913-642-2006 – or fill out our online estimator for your home: And ask us about our whole house cleaning services in Leawood KS specials.

Removing Rust From Metal Kitchen Items From Move In Cleaning Overland Park Professionals

Removing Rust From Metal Kitchen Items From Move In Cleaning Overland Park Professionals

If you like cooking and love to spend time in the kitchen, you have most probably seen some of your favorite cooking gears get spotted with rust, right? The orange blemishes can be extremely frustrating. Moreover, it just feels nice to slice, dice, bake and broil with sleek looking utensils. There are numerous DIY fixes to rusted pots, pans, knives and more. We are listing a few tips from move in cleaning Overland Park professionals on how to remove rust from metal in order for homeowners to work their way through their favorite cookbook without having to worry about how soon they will need a new skillet.

Read on:

Remove Rust from Metal Baking Pans– You need to make sure that your baking pans are absolutely free from rust. For that you will need a raw potato, dishwashing liquid or baking soda and a dry microfiber cloth.

First and foremost, cut the potato into half and dip the cut end of the potato in dishwashing liquid or baking soda. Scrub the rusty part of your pan by using this end of the spud. Continue with it until there is no rust left on your pan. Rinse your baking pan and dry your pan with a microfiber cloth.

Cast Iron Rust Removal– Do not go into panic mode if you find rust on your cast-iron skillet because the nasty orange patches can be removed. You will need a potato, kosher salt, a kitchen towel and newspaper, baking parchment or something similar.

First and foremost, lay newspaper or parchment paper on the area where you will work which will help you with cleanup. Cut the potato crosswise in half. Coat the bottom of the pan with kosher salt. Scrub the rusted areas by holding the potato with the cut side facing the surface of the skillet, the salt basically acts as the cleaning product while the potato is the cleaning tool. If you notice that the end of the potato has started to slick, cut it off and keep scrubbing; in the same way, if your salt starts to get dirty, rinse the pan out and add fresh granules. After removing all the rust from your skillet, rinse it with water and dry it out with your kitchen towel.

Rust Removal from Knives– A cook’s best knife is irreplaceable so any visible spots have to be removed ASAP.  You will need distilled white vinegar, a glass or container large enough to hold the knife, a scrubbing sponge and a dry microfiber cloth.

Fill up your glass or container with vinegar. Place your knife in the glass with all the rust spots submerged. Let your knife soak for about 5 minutes. Then remove the knife and scrub the rusted areas gently with the scouring side of your sponge. Rinse the knife with cold water and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Now, that you know how to remove rust from pans and metal utensils, hopefully, the tips will prove to be highly beneficial for you.

If you are a working professional or time-pressed and looking for house cleaning services, approach Tidy Up Angels LLC. Contact Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park on 913-642-2006 which has been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.

The services provided by us include:

Move-In House Cleaning– When you are shifting houses, you do not want to live with all the dirt and smell left by the previous occupants of the house. Professionals will work in order for you to find yourself in almost a new house when you move in. The kitchens will be scrubbed, the rooms tidied and the floors polished before you enter your house.

Move-out House Cleaning– Suppose you want to rent your house and would want the new tenants to have a good impression about you, then it is best to approach these services. Specialized cleaning services staff will take care of removing the dust and dirt from your house by using modern equipment. You can expect to create a good impression on your prospective tenants or clients.

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks For Every Homeowner In Overland Park

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks For Every Homeowner In Overland Park

On busy weeknights, kitchen clean up is the last thing that one does after dinner. It is important for these chores to be taken care of otherwise the kitchen can become a nightmare in no time. You can pick up a few tricks which can make the process a little easier and less time-consuming. We have listed a few kitchen cleaning hacks which can help you better manage your time and these tips are by move out cleaning Overland Park service providers.

Wipe Items Down On a Regular Basis– Ketchup bottles, jelly jars and containers of vanilla or olive oil can all get pretty grimy over the course of a meal and if that grime is left to sit, it can pick up dust and other gunk that eventually makes its way to the countertops and shelves. It is important to give these items a once over with a damp microfiber cloth prior to returning them to their rightful place in the fridge or kitchen cabinet. You can take this cleaning tip a step ahead by wiping down the shelves and surfaces where you will place these jars and bottles.

Organize the Fridge and Cabinets– An organized kitchen any day is an efficient kitchen, it will take less time for you in hunting for ingredients. Thus you will get more time to clean as you go. You are less likely to knock things over rooting through cabinets or the fridge with an organized kitchen which means you may have fewer messes to clean.

Go To Bed after Cleaning Dishes and Countertops– If you clean as you go, it will not take longer than 10-15 minutes to wrap up with the dinner dishes, even if you wash by hand. In addition to that, countertops take just a few seconds to be wiped down with a microfiber cloth. You can easily get these over with before going to bed. Taking care of this task sooner than later will totally be worth it as you will most probably not have to start your day with a sink full of dirty dishes and grimy counters.

Accept Plastic Food Storage Containers– Few ingredients and foods can make a huge mess if left in their original packaging, for instance, flour and powdered sugar can coat cabinets with fine dusts, while fruits or berries can leave refrigerator shelves riddled with stems and husks. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to embrace plastic food storage containers. Put a label on each container prior to filling them with flours, sugars, pastas or grains.

Clean On The Go– It is a good way to expedite post-meal kitchen cleanup which is by tidying up your preparation areas as you work. You can wash your cutting boards and knives while your chicken and vegetable sheet pan dinner is roasting. Immediately tend to the splatters and spills with a microfiber cloth or it might get difficult for you to clean them later on.

Follow the above mentioned kitchen cleaning hacks which are sure to yield you great benefits. If you have a hectic life and you barely get the time to eat dinner leave alone cooking food and cleaning the kitchen, it is best to go for professional house cleaning services.

Approach Tidy Up Angels LLC for some cleaning backup and come home to a cozy house. Contact Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park on 913-642-2006 which has been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning Service– This service is available to you in a very customizable way. Level of detail and areas to be serviced will vary. The rates are reasonable at Tidy Up Angels LLC with more areas cleaned and a consistency maintained in cleaning.

Neat-freak Cleaning Tips For Houseowners In Overland Park

Neat-freak Cleaning Tips For Houseowners In Overland Park

Not everyone is a neat-freak, neither many people would want to get that title. But a wish which every houseowner has is coming back to a clean home. If your home leans toward the messy or cluttered end of the cleaning spectrum, then it is advisable to go for professional cleaning services especially if you have put up your house on sale where movers are going to be moving in. In such a scenario, it is best to opt for professional cleaning services. You can get in touch with Tidy Up Angels LLC to hire move out/move in cleaning Overland Park services.

Some neat freak cleaning tips (which are easy and can help you maintain your house on a regular basis) from experts include:

Stick To A Cleaning Routine– Once you get into the habit of doing something, it will seem like a part of your day that you can’t live without. You can start your morning with wiping down the counters, doing a load of laundry and other tasks that you would find on your housekeeping schedule. Sticking to a cleaning routine will make the cleaning job a lot easier for you and regular cleaning will seem like nothing before you know it.

Regular Pick Ups– Clutter can get out of control really quickly so make it a point to tidy up as when the need arises. Put things away as soon as you have finished using them, wash dishes immediately after a meal, clean the floors immediately the moment you notice dirt, so on and so forth.

Have A Place For Everything– When thinking about how to keep the house clean, you should swear by the saying “A place for everything and everything in its place.” You should have a set area for everything from shoes to hoodies to books. This can help you in eliminating the clutter and tidy up quickly.

Throw Things That You Do Not Require– The more stuff you have in your house, the harder the cleaning job will get and this applies to household items as well ranging from books to clothes and especially furniture. If you have put your house on sale, it is better that you throw away unwanted furniture or keep them away in another room in order for the clients to take a good look at your house.

Learn To Love Storage- Boxes and bins can be used to store a variety of items, such as seasonal clothes, extra blankets, crafting supplies, certain cleaners or important paperwork. This can make a world of a difference in keeping your house clean.

If you think learning how to clean like a neat freak will never be for you, that’s okay. Let the professional cleaners at Tidy Up Angels LLC clean your home for you so that you can spend time doing things that make you happy. Contact Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park on 913-642-2006 which has been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.