Extend the Results of Professional Cleaning With These Simple Habits

If you have already hired professional house cleaning Overland Park services, you have probably already admired the kind of work they did and wondered how you can prolong it. After all, you do want to get your money’s worth out of the house cleaning services Overland Park KS you availed. Fortunately, there are some really easy-to-follow habits that can significantly lengthen the time between house cleaning services Overland Park KS appointments. Read ahead to know what you need to follow, right now!
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Tip 1: Develop the “Light” Habit

To extend the stellar cleaning work done by house cleaning Overland Park services, the most important thing you can do is to make a habit out of light cleaning. For example, every day in a week, choose to perform a quick-to-do cleaning task that can be accomplished in five minutes or less. If you keep yourself busy, you will have a still-clean house without being dog tired after cleaning it. Making a house cleaning services Overland Park KS job last longer requires developing the habit of light cleaning quickly yet consistently. With this, a house cleaning service in Leawood need not be done on a weekly basis.
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Tip 2: Keep Your Tools Close By

Of course, the accompanying tip to the first one is to always have your tools nearby. This will make light cleaning easy to do, as you do not have to dig out your cleaning rag and sanitizing spray. To extend the job by house cleaning Overland Park services, leave a broom and a dustpan on one discreet end of the hallway. Store a bottle of disinfectant and a clean rag in one drawer of the library. Distribute whatever cleaning items you need in different areas of the home so it is easy to grab hold of it when it is time to do some light cleaning. This habit decreases the frequency of calling a house cleaning services Overland Park KS! A house cleaning service in Leawood can be delayed at a later time!
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Tip 3: Learn to Be a Multitasking Cleaner

As a homeowner who wants to avoid calling house cleaning Overland Park services so soon after a great job, it pays to make cleaning part of your multitasking habits. For example, if you are already brushing your teeth you can lightly scrub the toilet sink to get rid of the grime with your other hand. Spend commercial breaks of your favorite primetime show going around the room and wiping surfaces that tend to get dusty. Have your son sweep the yard quickly before leaving to go to the bus stop. There is always something to clean quickly as you perform everyday tasks to prolong the job of the house cleaning service in Leawood.
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Tip 4: Involve Others in the Cleaning Project

Calling a house cleaning services Overland Park KS can be put on hold if you involve the other people in your home in the multitasking habit of cleaning you are trying to develop. Assign people to be in charge of simple tasks, especially if they happen to spend much of their time in a particular area of the home. This is a great tip to follow if you are dead set on extending the job by the house cleaning service in Leawood . For example, if your daughter spends a lot of time hanging out in the kitchen’s breakfast bar, assign her the easy task of mopping the tiles every other day. For as long as the tasks are quick and convenient with tools within arms’ reach, you will have no problem turning this into a family effort. Following these tips will really do a lot to extend the need to call house cleaning Overland Park services.

So there you have it – four easy to follow tips that will have you taking an active but stress free role to extend the results you got after hiring a house cleaning service in Leawood!

What You Really Pay For When Hiring Home Cleaning Services

If by now you still think that residential house cleaning services is a luxury, you should think again. More and more households are starting to realize that local cleaning services are the way to go. This is especially true given that with more competitive rates, it is actually more affordable than when it was first offered as a service many years ago. Here is what you really pay for when you hire home cleaning services:
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1. More hands to get the job done = mission accomplished in less time. Residential house cleaning services send a team over to your house in order to get the place spic and span. That’s more than your usual one set of hands (namely, yours). When you pay for local cleaning services, you are paying for more hands to do the work in less than half the time it would take you. This is especially handy when your real estate agent says she has a couple who wants to look at your home (that’s for sale) in two days, and you absolutely cannot pull off a pristine quality of cleanliness in that time.
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2. Being able to skip over the cleaning tasks that you absolutely hate. Sure, you are willing to vacuum the whole house and even give the bathroom a good scrub down. But there is probably one house cleaning task that you absolutely do not look forward to, such as cleaning out the fireplace or getting the gunk out from your range hood. Home cleaning services can be called on to do these parts that you might be willing to pay for instead of attend to yourself. This way, you do not have to spend a lot on total house cleaning and only focus on the parts that are not as bearable as the others.
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3. Getting stuff cleaned – the right way. Try as you might, you could never get your windows looking shiny and spotless like you see in model homes. Residential house cleaning services know the right way to clean certain home fixtures or areas. Instead of wasting time, effort and resources on attempts to get some parts of your home clean the right way, it is so much better to just call up local cleaning services and have them attend to it.
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4. A clean home – using safe ingredients. Make no mistake about it – home cleaning services are one hundred percent focused on giving you the cleanest home possible. But at the same time, these residential house cleaning services are also concerned about your family’s safety. If your local cleaning services invest in ammonia-free and low-chemical (or no chemical) cleaning solvents then you in turn are investing in your family’s health and safety.
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5. Peace of mind for other important things. And finally, you should also bear in mind that hiring residential house cleaning services is also all about gifting yourself a much-deserved peace of mind. As a responsible homeowner, you are tasked with many things in order to keep your household operating smoothly. Cleaning it should be one less hassle for you, which is why you can turn to local cleaning services to do the job. Remember: when you feel like a time-out is in order and you just want a break for a day (with results that last for the rest of the week or month) then it just might be time to call home cleaning services.

Top Benefits of Hiring House Cleaning Services

For many people, house cleaning services might still be a newfangled concept. The truth is, more and more people are turning to house cleaning services Overland park as they see that doing so holds more benefits compared to doing regular house cleaning. Here are some of those benefits about house cleaning service in Leawood that you need to know to convince you that this is the way to go.
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1. The cost is not as bad as many may think. A house cleaning service in Leawood might come off as an unnecessary and costly expense, if you compare it to cleaning your house on your own (which, compared to a house cleaning service overland park, is FREE). But if you do the math, you will see that it just might be equal to how much you might spend in terms of labor (your time is worth money), the amount of cleaning materials needed and a general comparison of cleanliness between your own effort and that of professional cleaning services Overland Park. Just think: instead of having to devote time to clean the entire house, you can think about using that time to make money and multiply your hourly rate at work to the number of hours it takes YOU – just one person – to clean everything.
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2. The cleaners get to the hard-to-reach places. House cleaning overland park invests in many tools to ensure they get the job done – and to ensure that they are able to clean areas that you may normally never get to reach – such as high ledges, deep crevices and more. Suffice to say, house cleaning services overland park literally have a longer “reach” compared to you – and with that, gets the job done in a more thorough manner.
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3. You can put off cleaning for a while. Hiring house cleaning overland park services may not be something you do on a daily or weekly basis, but every once in a while it’s good to get it. The plus to this is you can put off cleaning some parts of your house for a couple of weeks since they already took real good care of it. Just think: no need to wipe down all the surfaces of your home for the next two or three weeks until they get significantly dusty!
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4. You have more time for the meaningful stuff. Let’s say you hire a house cleaning service in Leawood not to get more work done but to pursue your other passions or have more time for your family. That’s a great thing, because this way you have an opportunity to invest in the people that are most important to you and activities that you find satisfactory. Think of the cost of hiring house cleaning services Overland Park as buying time to attend to things and people that mean the most to you – and in the end coming home to a spic and span abode!
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5. You can fall in love with your home again. House cleaning overland park does a very thorough job of cleaning the home that it can restore the former beauty of your dwelling place. Walls look whiter, windows seem brighter, and those ugly juice, food and oil splotches on the carpet are finally gone. Simply put, house cleaning services Overland Park can make you see what is underneath all that grime – and that, of course, is the house you lovingly furnished and decorated. When you think you might need to redecorate or renovate your home, you might be surprised to find out that all it needs is a good scrub care of a house cleaning service in Leawood!

Planning to Hire House Cleaning Services? Here Are Some Questions for Consideration

When the cleaning gets rough and time is short, the best way to overcome this challenge is to hire house cleaning services. This is the perfect solution to ensuring that your house gets a good scrub down without exerting physical effort over it. People do this from time to time, especially when schedules get extra crazy and you cannot, for the life of you, find a day or two in your planner to fit in the gargantuan task of cleaning the house.

But of course, not all professional house cleaners are made equal. Some will be better than others, based on both general and subjective terms and preferences. The key is to find the one that you can work with and satisfies even the most basic of your concerns. And in order to do that, you first need to know what are the right questions you should be asking. From there, you can move along to the particulars based on your other preferences.

Question 1: How much do you charge for specific cleaning services?

charge for specific cleaning services

The question of the rate for house cleaning services may sound very obvious, but let’s get into the meat of the matter: the specific cleaning that you want done. Assuming you are not looking to have every single nook and cranny of your home cleaned (and that budget is a very large consideration), you will want to know the breakdown of service. This will help you “mix and match” certain services that you need and fit your budget. For example, you may get detailed cleaning of the interior of your home and skip the exterior (garage, backyard, porch, etc.) and also throw in some window cleaning as well.

Question 2: What’s Your Time Frame?

Time Frame
House cleaning services can be done over an entire day or over a course of several days, depending on the stipulations of clients and rules of the professional house cleaners. Knowing exactly how long it will take to get the job done is necessary for you to adjust your own personal schedule, ie. bring the kids to your aunt’s house, postpone a lunch meeting, see if the husband can stay home on the first hour to let the cleaners in.

Question 3: What Promotions Do You Offer?

Never be afraid to ask if they have regular or seasonal promotions as every penny counts in house cleaning services. This will come into play when you do the math and find out that it’s cheaper and more efficient to throw in basement cleaning for an additional $30 instead of doing it all on your own three months from now. When you ask about promotions by professional house cleaners, you should also inquire if they have special rates for recurring cleaning. If you are already liking the idea of getting house cleaning services from time to time (maybe every quarter or so), then it’s good to let them know in case they can give you a discounted rate for continued business.

From these questions, you can delve into more particular concerns (ie. brands of cleaning solutions and solvents used, in case you are allergic to some). The important thing to remember is to not be afraid to ask! Professional house cleaners actually appreciate it if you do so they will be better equipped to get the job done.

How to Prepare Your Home for House Cleaning Services

Finally taking the plunge and enlisting the help of house cleaning? The great thing about this decision is that you can finally have a very clean house without feeling like a truck ran over you the following day. More and more people are hiring house cleaning services because in the end, the deep cleaning that they do really is worth it – especially if you are the type of person who never gets around to really cleaning every nook and cranny of the home.

While it is easy to get excited about the arrival of house cleaning services and letting them take over the arduous task of making your home spic and span, there are a few things you need to do to prepare for the arrival of the cleaners. Doing these things will make for an easier time for the home cleaning companies and give you more peace of mind. So if you still have a few days before the guys swing by, try to ensure that the following things have been duly prepared!

Prep Tip 1: Clear the Important Stuff

Prior to the arrival of the professional home cleaners, you should take some time clearing your important stuff and safely storing them away. Any important document, piece of jewelry or fancy tech gadget ought to be safely tucked away to avoid anything happening to them. While professional home cleaners take utmost care in ensuring that your personal belongings are untouched or are free from accidents, it would still be better to keep your precious items in their safe drawers instead of opening them up to the possibility of being sucked by the vacuum or thrown in the rubbish.

Prep Tip 2: Make Notes

If you have fancy rugs that require special handling or specific products for polishing silver, you should write these down. Anything that will need extra care or attention should be made known to the cleaners so when they get to those things or room they will know what to do. When you write your list, do it on a per-room basis so all they need to do is to refer to each piece of paper per room to know the specifics of it.

Prep Tip 3: Schedule to Have The Wee Ones Out

If you have small children or other people at home, it might be best to schedule them to be somewhere else so they are not in the way of the house cleaners. Many families who employ the services of house cleaning in Kansas City and many other places usually have their kids dropped off at the grandparents’ for the day so they are not underfoot while all the cleaning is going on. A few days before the cleaners are supposed to arrive, make sure you know where you are going to leave your kids so the cleaners can do their job without having to navigate around children who hang out at home.

These three tips are short, sweet and simple – but they do count for a lot if you want to make the experience of having your house cleaned by the pros for the first time a smooth one.

Cleaning Burnout: What Comes Up Short You When You Do It All Yourself

Most well-meaning homeowners strive to do a lot of “home stuff” on their own – you know, things that make a house a home such as decorating, repairing, remodeling and cleaning. Out of these, the last one – cleaning – should be done frequently. It’s also the one that can stress you out the most, but you’d still insist on doing it yourself, right? This is where the cracks on the wall start showing up, and this is why you might need a house cleaning service from professional cleaners on a fairly regular basis. You will know it is time to get a house cleaning service and call in professional cleaners when the following cleaner burnout symptoms start to appear:

1. Shoddy Cleaning Quality

Try as you might, there will be times when you come up short on the quality of your cleaning – especially when you have so much on your plate that also need attention. You may sweep the floor here and there, but when you are in a hurry or are too tired you probably miss out on out-of-sight nooks and crannies that also need attention – such as the space behind your bookshelf or that gap between the gas range and the refrigerator. If you get a house cleaning service, you’ll have a guarantee that professional cleaners will be able to get to those places you didn’t even remember existed.

2. Time to Do Personal or Important Stuff

Nobody likes spending a whole Saturday scrubbing down the house. When you’re too busy at work and too tired in the evening to get some major cleaning done, chances are you leave it to the weekend to tackle such tasks. This means pushing appointments and social activities to the side just so your home can remain clean. You’ll know when you’re slowly being sucked into the cleaning vortex when your calendar has nothing left on it in terms of meeting other people or attending events. By then, it’s probably time to give professional cleaners or a house cleaning service a ring.

3. Developing Allergies and Bad Skin

If you notice that you have perpetually watery eyes or feeling like your skin is overly stretched and painfully cracked, it can be because 1) you are constantly exposed to dust and mites (or have had prolonged exposure to both or other allergens) and 2) your skin is reacting badly due to contact with harsh cleaning agents. While it’s perfectly understandable to want a spiffy clean house, it shouldn’t be at the expense of your personal well-being. Thus, it is in your best interest to have your home duly scrubbed by professional cleaners from a house cleaning service.

While it’s definitely expected of any homeowner to keep a tidy home, red flags are raised when one or all three of these symptoms are present. As a homeowner and a hard working individual, you deserve to have both a spic and span home as well as the time and health to engage in enjoyable pursuits – which is where professional cleaners come in so they can rid you of your cleaner burnout!

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