Professional House Cleaning Services for Hectic Lives in Overland Park

Professional House Cleaning Services for Hectic Lives in Overland Park

If you are leading a hectic life, then leave your house cleaning work in the hands of professionals such as the acclaimed Tidy Up Angels LLC in the Overland Park region. We are one stop solution for all your cleaning needs. Just let us know your needs, and we will have your house cleaned in no time. We clean the most difficult areas of your house that get ignored and host harmful dust-mites, allergens and bacteria.

We are a provider of house cleaning services in Overland Park at cost-effective rates. Our professionals are well trained, experienced, background verified and friendly. We use industry standard & eco-friendly products for cleaning services. At Tidy Up Angels LLC, we use step by step approach to give professional cleaning services.

Regardless of the occasion – whether you’re planning a party, marriage, house warming ceremony, a schedule deep cleaning or just to make your house ready, we are always ready.

A few of our home cleaning services include:

  1. Drawing room/Study room/Bed room/Living Hall Deep Cleaning.
  2. Floor Cleaning or scrubbing and Disinfecting
  3. Kitchen Cleaning (Heavy Oil and Grease Removal)
  4. Restroom Cleaning
  5. Vacuuming and Shampooing (Carpets and Rugs)
  6. Vacuuming and Shampooing (Sofas, Chairs, Curtains and Upholstery)
  7. Special cleaning for sanitization and dust mites
  8. Windows, Cupboards, Lofts and Storage Rooms cleaning
  9. Light Fitting, Fans, switches Cleaning

Some of our other services include:

Move-In House Cleaning– When you are shifting houses, you do not want to live with all the dirt and smell left by the previous occupants of the house. Professionals will work in order for you to find yourself in almost a new house when you move in. The kitchens will be scrubbed, the rooms tidied and the floors polished before you enter your house.

Move-out House Cleaning– Suppose you want to rent your house and would want the new tenants to have a good impression about you, then it is best to approach these services. Specialized cleaning services staff will take care of removing the dust and dirt from your house by using modern equipment. You can expect to create a good impression on your prospective tenants or clients.

Put On Market Cleaning– It is very important to create a good impression as one tries to sell his or her house and a clean home can ensure that. Going for the professionals is the best bet in this scenario.

Apart from the house cleaning services, we offer a special “Tidy Up Service” which includes:

Case of the Mondays

Monday! So you had too much fun with the kids over the weekend and don’t want to worry about tidying your home? Tidy up service is the perfect solution to bring your home back in shape on Monday and start your week on the right foot.

In-Laws Visit Preparation

Need a quick turn around of your main living areas to ensure that you are always ready for visitors? Let our tidy up service team spruce up part of your home for as little as $55/visit.

After Party Clean Up

Take the stress out of after party clean up with our professional tidy up service crew. Whether it’s a get together with friends, a special holiday event, you can rely on us to take care of your clean up needs.

Contact us in Overland Park on 913-642-2006, we have been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.

Ways to Clean Glass Surfaces from Cleaning Services in Overland Park

Ways to Clean Glass Surfaces from Cleaning Services in Overland Park

The glass surfaces are the easily overlooked when it comes to house cleaning. The last thing you want is for your clean home to be marred by smears on your glass tabletops and windows, so it’s important to learn the best way to clean glass for a streak-free shine.

We are listing a few ways from cleaning services in Overland Park that can come for your help in cleaning the glass surfaces in the most efficient way:

Do-it-yourself Streak-free Window Cleaner

There is no better way than using a streak-free window cleaner in cleaning glass windows. You can use a commercial cleaner, however, some store-brought solutions actually leave residue behind. We are listing three cleaning solutions, choose any one and mix it in a large spray bottle and get ready to clean:

  1. Equal parts distilled white vinegar and water
  2. Two tablespoons of ammonia and two quarts of warm water
  • Two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid and two quarts of water

Cleaning Tabletops and Glass Windows

After you’ve prepared your steak-free window cleaner, decide on which cleaning tool you’ll be working with. The best way to clean glass windows or tabletops is by using either a coffee filter or a microfiber cloth. In the end, using microfiber cloths or coffee filters is a bit easier and yields more or less the same streak-free shine a properly wielded squeegee would.

Simply mist your tabletop or windows with your homemade cleaning solution. Start at the top and work your way down to the bottom for windows. Gently wipe the solution from the glass with your coffee filter or microfiber cloth after you mist. Switch out your filter or cloth wipes for fresh wipes if they get too damp.

Moderation is key when it comes to washing windows and other glass surfaces. You are going to get streaks if you spray too much of your cleaning solution on the glass which can be attributed to the fact that overspray of solution has to go somewhere, and your coffee filter or microfiber cloth won’t be able to absorb all of the liquid. As a result, you’ll end up smearing the cleaning solution — along with dirt and dust — all over the window, rather than wiping it away from the glass.

After you’ve finished, in order to be certain there aren’t any remaining smudges, give windows and glass surfaces a once over. If there are, quickly buff them out using a dry coffee filter or microfiber cloth.

For professional house cleaning services in Overland Park, contact Tidy Up Angels LLC on 913-642-2006, we have been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in the role we play in the lives of our customers. There is no secrecy to how we arrive at our price. You are in control at every step of the way. We live by the continuous improvement model.  We work tirelessly to figure out ways to add more value to the service we provide.

Ways to Clean the Refrigerator from Move Out Cleaning Overland Park Professionals

Ways to Clean the Refrigerator from Move Out Cleaning Overland Park Professionals

A detailed fridge cleaning can take a couple of hours which means you will need to set time aside in order to tackle the task efficiently.

Here is a lowdown on ways to clean the refrigerator from move out cleaning Overland Park professionals, following which can help you immensely in cleaning your refrigerator.

Tips to Cleaning the Refrigerator:

  1. First and foremost, clear the items out of your fridge from the top shelf and set them on the counter as you clean.
  2. Wash the top shelf in your sink, after removing it. An excellent refrigerator cleaning solution is warm water and dishwashing liquid.
  • From your shelf, rinse the soapy water thoroughly and dry it thoroughly prior to placing it in the fridge.
  1. Prior to setting the jars and bottles back on the shelves, wipe them down with a damp microfiber cloth. Do check for the expiration dates.
  2. Repeat these four steps for all your shelves and for your crisper and deli bins.
  3. There are a few parts in the fridge that cannot be taken out for cleaning, such as the smaller shelves inside the door and the gasket, so use a microfiber cloth dipped in dish soap and water to wipe them down.
  • For the refrigerator doors and handles, wipe them down with a fresh microfiber cloth that’s been dampened with dish soap and water.

Tips to Keeping Fridge Clean:

Hopefully, you have been able to understand that a detailed fridge cleaning is time consuming which is why most people only take on this chore a few times a year. But following a few tips can help you in keeping your refrigerator as pristine as possible year round. The following tips show you the best way to clean the refrigerator in between thorough scrubbings.

  1. Spills should be taken care of as soon as they happen.
  2. Make sure to check expiration dates weekly and throw out any food that’s gone bad.
  • Take out time from your busy schedule and wipe down handles on both the doors and drawers every day.
  1. Every three to four days, empty out food storage containers filled with leftovers.
  2. Clean the outside of the refrigerator once a week.

There are no two ways about the fact that cleaning the refrigerator takes some time on the front end. So, just think about how much time house cleaning might take.

For professional house cleaning services Overland Park, contact Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park on 913-642-2006, we have been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008. We are a company in Overland Park that you can trust. Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique and superior cleaning experience.

Some of our unique services include:

  1. Custom House Cleaning
  2. Move in House Cleaning
  • Move out House Cleaning
  1. Put on Market Cleaning

Listening to your needs and concerns, having your best interest at heart- that is how we strive to provide you with excellent customer service. There is no secrecy to how we arrive at our price. You are in control at every step of the way.

Spring Cleaning Tips- Using The Best Cleaning Supplies In Overland Park

Spring Cleaning Tips- Using The Best Cleaning Supplies In Overland Park

Spring cleaning is in full effect, so the experts from professional house cleaning or maid services in Overland Park are providing a few tips in order for you to kick off the season right. It is basically a list of the best cleaning supplies to use which will help tackle your spring cleaning checklist. It is essential to use the right cleaning tools and supplies over others. Here is a breakdown of the most commonly suggested tools instead of their alternatives:

Brooms vs. Vacuums– Brooms basically push the dirt and dust around instead of collecting it so it is better to say “goodbye” to your broom. It is better that you dust off your vacuum and get to work. There’s a high chance that you haven’t cleaned the roller brush or changed the HEPA filter since you bought it so show your vacuum a little TLC prior to starting off. Ignoring the maintenance aspect can impact the suction of a vacuum thus making it less effective at picking up dust and debris, and ultimately leaving a lot behind in its wake.

Brand Name Glass Cleaner vs. Make-It-Yourself Solutions– Store cleaners and paper towels are quite expensive which makes most people purchase them because of their belief that the cleaners will be very effective which is not the case always. A few homemade solutions are more effective than these expensive ones. You can make cleaning solutions with things like vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

Floor Cleaner vs. Floor Steamer– Floor cleaners are the best option when it comes to deep cleaning the floors whereas steamers can be a secret weapon in your spring cleaning toolkit, because not only can they remove stains off ceramic tile or vinyl flooring, they can also get hot enough to kill bacteria lingering in hard-to-reach places or tile grout. This is the best way which can help you get rid of all the germs if your family had a rough cold and flu season.

Sponges vs. Microfiber Cloths- The truth is that even the cleanest-smelling household sponges can be germ magnets, it is better to steer clear of them altogether. Instead, you can go for a microfiber cloth because it is not only better at cleaning surfaces, but also is machine washable which means they are less likely to hold onto germs.

Toilet Brush vs. Disposable Toilet Wands– Toilet brushes, after use are often put back in their holders which makes them having the least glamorous cleaning duty in the house. You can opt for disposable toilet wands that come with a built-in cleaning solution. Their textures are better for scrubbing.

If you think that the spring cleaning season could pass you buy, approach Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park and have an expert take care of it for you who will use pristine cleaning supplies in making your home spic and span. Contact Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park on 913-642-2006 which has been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008. The rates are reasonable at Tidy Up Angels LLC with more areas cleaned and a consistency maintained in cleaning. We are a company in Overland Park that you can trust. Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique and superior cleaning experience.

Some of our services include:

  • Custom House Cleaning
  • Move In/Move Out Cleaning
  • Put On Market Cleaning

The Five Sneaky Spots Where Mold Grows

If there is something common across most households that local house cleaning services visit, it’s that mold grows in different places. Any residential maid service will tell you that molds grow where humidity is most obviously present such as windows, light switches & more and that they often spring up in places we overlook. House cleaning in KC will always include the eradication of these molds but you do not need to wait for house cleaning deals Kansas City to spot them yourself. Here are five places where these pesky molds will likely sprout their ugly, allergy-inducing heads! Read to know how you can get rid of them!

Molds in Refrigerator Drip Pans

Local house cleaning services often insist on clearing the drip pan of your refrigerator because mold can grow there. This is due to the collection of food spills and moisture, which makes for an ideal environment for mold growth. To clean it, a residential maid service advises spraying it with a mixture of one teaspoon hydrogen peroxide diluted in 1 cup of water. After spraying, wipe clean using a white vinegar-soaked rag.

Molds in Chimneys

House cleaning in KC will point out a significant collection of mold in your chimney, which is unsurprising considering the amount of dirt, debris and water that gets collected there. When you score house cleaning deals Kansas City, you will definitely have it checked out. But on your own, ensure that you replace any caps if they are rusted.

Molds in Window Seals

It’s practically normal for local house cleaning services to discover molds in window seals and even sashes because the condensation that occurs allows for moisture that encourages mold growth. With its exposure to dust and dirt that serve as its food, mold will definitely grow there! A residential maid service suggests opening your windows and wiping down the moisture at the bottom after a heavy rain. Window and house cleaning in KC will also be easier if you repair or replace broken or failing window sashes to lessen condensation.

Molds in Front Loading Washing Machines

See the gasket found on your front-loading washing machine’s door? Because it is often wet and is exposed to lint, mold multiplies easily. While house cleaning services Overland Park ks include a good scrub down, this part might be missed. To keep it mold-free, always wipe the glass and the gasket dry prior to closing the door. As per local house cleaning services, if mold is already present, run an empty load with hot water and chlorine bleach that will help to eliminate the fungi!

Molds in Air Conditioners

Because your air conditioner traps pollen and dust and gathers moisture found in the air, you have a recipe for mold success! This is especially true if your air conditioner remains unused in warm weather, which will encourage mold to grow not just in the ducts but also on the coils and the drain pans. To wipe it out, clean the air conditioner blower with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter. Flush the coils and scrub down the drain pan with a water and bleach solution (with a 1:1 ratio). Make sure you run your air conditioner for at least ten minutes each day to prevent mold from accumulating.

Now that you know where mold also grows in your home, it is time to seek and destroy them!

Simple Suggestions for Involving the Family in House Cleaning

Having your house cleaned by a service for house cleaning in Kansas City KS is every homeowner’s dream. After all, who would not want to step into a sparkling clean and neat home? But in between local house cleaning KS would be your regular daily routine… and with that routine comes the gradual development of mess and dirt. It is part and parcel of daily living, but you do not have to always find local house cleaners every couple of days to maintain the house in between deep cleaning services by a residential maid service. The trick is to involve the family in house cleaning. When others pitch in through ways that they will find manageable, you can even extend the time between calling house cleaning services Kansas City!

1. Assign chores that are within the schedules and capabilities of family members. In between house cleaning in Kansas City KS, ask members of the family who come home late to be the ones to throw out the trash accumulated throughout the day. Younger members may be asked to pick up and pack away their own toys, and middle schoolers can do the task of wiping up surfaces after doing their homework. Whatever the task, make sure they can physically do it and it won’t make them be late for what they need to do.

2. Draft a cleaning schedule with everyone’s individual tasks in it. Local house cleaning KS makes cleaning schedules for all the homes they clean; why not make one for all the chores each person needs to accomplish? This allows others to monitor one another’s responsibilities so that everyone is motivated to do his or her best.

3. Prepare cleaning and tidying materials for everyone. Think of what a residential maid service would use to clean each area of the home, and gather the necessary tools for all the tasks you want your family to do and put them near their area of responsibility.

4. Demonstrate and explain the best and easiest way to accomplish each task. This will give each family member an idea of what kind of cleaning to do so they only have to do it once to get it right, like house cleaning services Kansas City.

5. Be open to rotating chores every few weeks. Other members might tire of their regular chore; switch things up if you think it will be best for everyone all in the name of house cleaning in Kansas City. But if the members of your family prefer their first set of tasks to be their permanent tasks, then leave them be. It may also be good for them to get used to their chores and automatically do it right each time.

6. Thank them for their efforts. If you can thank local house cleaning services Overland Park, KS after they have done a stellar job of house cleaning in Kansas City KS, you can express your gratitude to your family when you see them fulfilling their duties to maintain the house. A kind word goes a long way, but from time to time you may also want to up the reward, treat them to something special (like a pizza party or an at-home movie night complete with popcorn!) and keep them ever so motivated to do their chores!