Motivation to Cleaning and Spring Cleaning

I don’t wake up wanting to clean but I enjoy a clean house and feel so much better when things are tidy and there’s order in our home. When I don’t want to clean, I try to reframe my motivation and think about how much better I’ll feel when the kitchen is clean or the laundry is folded. I’ll also think about how much harder it will be if I put it off another day. Cleaning daily makes it easier every day AND it keeps cleaning from being overwhelming.

And one of the top questions was how to get motivated to clean or spring clean. So today I’m going to share my tips for motivation – I hope that they are helpful!
• Choose cleaning supplies that you enjoy using. Color coordinate or just choose supplies you like the look of – I find that having cute supplies does make cleaning more fun.
• Don’t put it off – get it over with and get on with your life.
• Start in the worst area first and keep going with that momentum.
• Listen to a podcast, audiobook, or your favorite music – think of it as an escape.
• Call someone and chat while you’re cleaning. Chances are you’ll enjoy the conversation more than you realize that you’re cleaning.
• Make it a game – set a timer and race yourself.
• Invite someone over – you will probably get more done in a shorter period of time.
• Reward yourself with something that motivates you when you accomplish your goal.

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Cleaning Checklist after Home Renovation from Overland Park Home Cleaners

Cleaning Checklist after Home Renovation from Overland Park Home Cleaners

As a homeowner, home renovation may leave you thrilled with your new bathroom or kitchen countertops. But, you will most probably not be elated about the mess left behind. You must be aware about the fact that a thorough post-construction cleaning isn’t typically included in a contractor’s services. What is required is a little cleanup. Here’s a post-construction cleaning checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing when tidying up after renovations.

These tips are from home cleaning Overland Park providers:

Clean the Insides of Cabinets and Closets– The dust from construction and demolition can work its way into some surprising areas like closets and cabinets. It is very simple to clean closets- just wipe down any items that were on the floor with a microfiber cloth and vacuum the bottom of the closet. Also, shake out or clean any clothing items that were stored inside. When it comes to cabinets, you need to put in a bit more effort. Remove everything within and wipe down the inside of the cabinet itself before cleaning and returning each item to its place.

Floor Vacuuming and Mopping– You will agree with the fact that any dust or debris you kick up during your other end-of-renovation cleaning efforts will wind up on the floor eventually. Use a push broom in this regard. Use it to sweep away large chunks of building materials, screws or bits of sawdust before running your vacuum. Wash your floors after vacuuming. Look up the internet on how to clean marble and granite floors, washing an area rug and cleaning ceramic floors and so forth.

Vacuum Upholstery– Vacuum all upholstered pieces with the appropriate attachment as the fine dust that permeates the air during a renovation project has a knack for making its way onto the furniture.

Dusting– Grates and vents are the prime targets for renovation messes so take out time for them. Remove the grate or vent and vacuum the inside to remove any dust that’s collected. Additionally, clean your window air conditioning unit or change your air filter.

Wipe every Surface– Make sure to wipe down every surface in close proximity to the area in which the renovation work took place. Surf online for tips on cleaning pained walls, baseboards, windowsills and window tracks and the hard-to-reach places in your house.

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Home Cleaning Services we offer:

Move in/Move Out cleaning– We know how stressful your move can be, so we have designed a move out cleaning service that is customizable in every way possible. Let us show you what we can do.

Put on Market Cleaning– We understand the impact a clean home will make as you try to sell your home. We utilize the best cleaning products to provide you with the best results possible.

Recurring Cleanings– Prices starts as low as $95 per cleaning. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly cleanings. We clean everything from blinds, baseboards, ceiling fans, floors, the works!

Tips to Cleaning Dish Sponges from Maid Services in Overland Park

Tips to Cleaning Dish Sponges from Maid Services in Overland Park

Kitchen sponge is the filthiest item in the house but are you aware of the sponge bacteria facts. As per microbiologists and pathologists, not only is the sponge moist which makes it easy for disease-causing bacteria to grow, but also are covered in food particles. You yourself are helping the bacteria to thrive by providing them whatever they need. You would most probably not like to give dinner guests cramps and send your loved ones running to the washroom after having a meal.

Here’s a lowdown on a few tips for cleaning dish sponges that you should be familiar with from maid services in Overland Park that can prove to be highly beneficial:

Clean your Sponges on a Regular Basis– Cleaning the sponge daily can significantly decrease the odds of spreading bacteria around the kitchen. Microwaving is another effective option. In a microwave, keep a wet sponge for one to two minutes and turn it on. Let it cool before removing it. Along with your dishes, you can wash your sponge in the dishwasher as well.

Go for a Microfiber Sponge– It is advisable that you go for a microfiber if you are looking for a new clean dish sponge. Manufacturers do not make any false claims that microfiber reduces bacteria but the composition of the material helps it to dry quickly which significantly cuts short the time in which bacteria may develop. You can easily find microfiber sponges online or in your local grocery store.

Before Storing, rinse your Dish Sponge and Dry– It is mainly the food bits and dampness that leads to pathogen growth. You can hinder their progress by rinsing your sponge nicely after cleaning. Go ahead and wring as much water as possible and store the sponge in a dry area like a sponge rack.

Throw Away Sponges after a Stipulated Period of Time– Do not keep sponge for a long period of time as it may start to smell bad which is basically the smell of a happy colony of bacteria growing on the very item you use to clean your countertops and dishes. Regular cleaning of microfiber sponges can help them last as long as a month before they need replacing.

Never use a Dish Cloth– There are a few problems attached with using a dish cloth with the first problem being dish cloths don’t dry out as quickly as sponges, making them more likely to grow bacteria. People have this tendency of not washing their dish cloths as often as they should. One should remember that dish cloths should be washed on a daily basis and replaced on time.

Hope, our tips prove to be beneficial for you. Keep your kitchen cleaner by following these tips.

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Ways to Clean Microfiber Cloths from Overland Park House Cleaning Services

Ways to Clean Microfiber Cloths from Overland Park House Cleaning Services

Most homeowners use microfiber cloths these days for dusting and removing grime. Microfiber cloths are amazing multi-purpose housekeeping tools. It is important that you wash your microfiber cloth as even these cleaners must be cleaned at some point of time.

Here’s a lowdown on ways to cleaning the microfiber cloths from house cleaning services in Overland Park which will help them last long. Different methods for microfiber cloth cleaning:

The Dishwasher– Along with your dinner dishes, you can wash your microfiber cloth by laying your cloth flat on the top rack of the dishwasher. Hang your microfiber over your kitchen faucet for it to dry once the cleaning cycle has run its course.

The Microwave– As long as your microfiber cloth isn’t heavily soiled, you can clean the cloth in a microwave. You just need to dampen the cloth and microwave it for 60 seconds. Before removing, let the cloth cool which you can use again after it is dry.

The Washing Machine– Using warm water and a gentle liquid detergent, clean your microfiber cloths in the washer. Place the cloths in the dryer on low heat with no dryer sheet. Microfiber takes very little time to dry so check from time to time.

When using the washing machine for cleaning microfiber cloths, never use powdered detergents, fabric softener or bleach, nor should you wash your cloths in hot water. Never clean microfiber with cotton, as even the most miniscule lint particles can clog the fibers of your cloth, rendering it useless.

Microfiber cloths have a longer shelf-life compared to others. Many microfiber cloths can take up to 500 washings which is up to two years in a typical household. But, as usual they don’t last forever. You’ll get to know when it’s time to bid your current cloth adieu when it’s no longer cleaning or picking up dust like it once did.

Hope, these tips prove to be beneficial for you.

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  3. Put on market Cleaning

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After Party Clean Up– Take the stress out of after party clean up with our professional tidy up service crew. Whether it’s a get together with friends, a special holiday event, you can rely on us to take care of your clean up needs.

In-laws Visit Preparation– Need a quick turnaround of your main living areas to ensure that you are always ready for visitors? Let our tidy up service team spruce up part of your home for as little as $55/visit.

Reduce Monthly Cleaning Cost– Not everyone needs a detail cleaning service every week or every 2 weeks. If you want to reduce your monthly cleaning cost or increase frequency without the detail cleaning price tag, then tidy up service is designed for you. Tidy up service costs less and it focuses on the areas that matter most. (Bathrooms, Kitchen, Main living areas and floors).

Effective Glass Top Stove Cleaning Tips from House Cleaning Services in Overland Park

Effective Glass Top Stove Cleaning Tips from House Cleaning Services in Overland Park

Glass-top stoves come with a lot of advantages, not only do they add a sleek, minimalist look, but also come with the major benefit of not having to clean or replace drip pans or burner grates. But the biggest disadvantage is the fact that even the smallest spill or splatter can seem much more noticeable. When cleaning it, you need to be very much careful. You need to clean it without scratching it so that you can keep your kitchen looking its best.

These tips are from house cleaning services in Overland Park:

The Basics- Never clean your stovetop while the surface is still hot; check manufacturer’s instructions so that you don’t accidentally void any warranties. When it comes to glass top stove, certain ranges require you to use a specific type of cleaning product; when it comes to the tools to use for cleaning glass top stove, scouring pads or scrub brushes could leave scratches. Stick to softer cleaning materials, such as microfiber cloths or sponges.

Dirtier Glass Top Stoves Cleaning Tips

You’ll Need- baking soda, a spray bottle of distilled white vinegar, a clean towel, a clean sink basin or bucket filled with hot water and microfiber cloths.


  1. Spray the surface of the stovetop generously with vinegar once it is cool and sprinkle baking soda over the liquid you just sprayed.
  2. After dipping your clean towel in the hot water, wring out the excess liquid.
  3. Place the towel over the baking soda and vinegar on the stovetop and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. With a microfiber cloth, wipe away the baking soda and the vinegar after removing the towel.
  5. Spritz the surface with vinegar again and use a clean microfiber cloth to buff any streaks out.
  6. Repeat the above steps until your stovetop is free of residue.

Regular Glass-top Stoves Cleaning

It is advisable that you wipe down your stovetop after each use to prevent build up of residue and collection of dust through that.

You’ll Need– A spray bottle of water or distilled white vinegar and microfiber cloths.


  1. Spritz a cool stovetop with vinegar or water.
  2. With a microfiber cloth, wipe the liquid away and use a dry cloth to buff out any streaks.

A Razor Blade for cleaning a glass top stove

You’ll Need– A razor blade in a holder or scraper tool, distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth.


  1. Check your manufacturer’s instructions prior to using a razor blade on your glass-top stove as the manual may advise against using a razor blade.
  2. Spritz any offending areas with vinegar (after making sure the surface is cool) which will help soften burnt-on residue.
  3. With the razor, scrape the residue gently and for that it is important to hold the razor properly. Lightly scrape at debris until it comes free.
  4. With a clean microfiber cloth, wipe away residue.
  5. Repeat the above steps as necessary.

If you need a hand in keeping your kitchen tidy, Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park is not far away from you. We are just a call away, contact us in Overland Park on 913-642-2006, we have been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008. We will be more than happy in lending our helping hand to keep your cooking space nice and neat.

Clean your House in The Right Order from Home Cleaning Overland Park Services

Clean your House in The Right Order from Home Cleaning Overland Park Services

The case mostly is that when someone cleans the house, most people randomly start in one room and then move to the next without any rhyme or reason. It is very important to map out a plan of attack when it comes to cleaning the house. Your cleaning won’t be efficient if you don’t. In addition to everything, planning your cleaning will make the task more manageable.

Here is a right order for cleaning the house from home cleaning Overland Park services.

Clean the Most Difficult Room– When it comes to cleaning, the bathroom may be one of the smaller rooms, but it’s also more time-consuming. It is not only the shower and tub that needs to be washed, but there’s also the toilet, the sink and all those little fixtures that need to be scrubbed and polished. There can be no better idea than making the washroom the first room you clean because bathroom cleaning is both time and labor-intensive. Afterwards, all your chores will seem easier.

Dusting and Organizing– Your next move should be to tackle the dusting throughout the house because when you clean, the dust has to go somewhere and typically, that place is on the floor. It is advisable that you should not clean the floors before you take on the dusting as you’re just going to have dirty floors again. Make your way throughout the house using a duster, dust mop and a vacuum cleaner. You’ll want to be certain you get those easily forgotten areas such as ceiling fans, baseboards and blinds. Take the time to organize disheveled areas as you dust surfaces like the tops of coffee tables and dressers.

Mopping and Vacuuming– It’s time to clean your floors first now that they are covered with dust. Vacuum throughout the house first, do this even on hard-surface floors, as vacuuming is much easier than sweeping and has the same end result. Move on to mopping or cleaning your floors afterwards. You may need to mop the floor each time you clean your house, in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen Cleaning– Cleaning the kitchen would be fairly easy if you regularly wipe down the counters and tackle spills when they happen. Simply wipe down the outside of your refrigerator, cabinets and appliances. Next, clean your stovetop, microwave and sink. This is it for the kitchen.

This is an appropriate plan for a weekend session of house cleaning that’s meant to help you maintain your home. If you have made up your mind for a major clean for routine upkeep, there can be nothing better than going for house cleaning services in Overland Park.

In Overland Park, contact Tidy Up Angels LLC on 913-642-2006 which has been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.  We are a company in Overland Park that you can trust. Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique and superior cleaning experience.

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in the role we play in the lives of our customers. We live by the continuous improvement model.  We work tirelessly to figure out ways to add more value to the service we provide.