Back To School House Cleaning

Back To School House Cleaning

Kids are Back to School and It is Time to Clean the House before Colder Weather Sets In

As much as you have enjoyed having your kids around for the summer, their return to school presents a great opportunity to get your house cleaned before colder weather sets in.  Throughout most of the summer with kids coming in and out your house was exposed to dirt and pollen.  Now that the kids are back to school, it is time to clean up your home and get ready for the fall.  Hope you will find helpful the following house cleaning tips.

Create a House Cleaning Checklist for the Kids

Kids and adults alike tend to get lax on their chores while enjoying summer activities.  Now that school is back in session, it is time to take responsibility again for household chores and creating a house cleaning list for your children will get them involved in the cleaning process.  You can start by having them clean their rooms once a week to prevent unnecessary clutter from building up and then give them a couple more chores throughout the rest of the house.  You can motivate your kids to help out by establishing an award system.

Declutter Your Home

Unnecessary objects can accumulate quickly in your home and take up a lot of space.  Objects that you no longer need, or use are just clutter and eliminating these objects can help reorganize the space in a better way.  Decluttering is a good exercise for everyone in the family and you’ll be surprised at how much more space you will create.

Clean Your Carpet and Upholstery

Letting in fresh air during the summer is refreshing but the air coming in from outside contains dirt, pollen, and other airborne allergens that settle throughout your home.  This dirt and debris accumulate on the furniture and carpeting which makes it a good idea to have your carpet and upholstery steam cleaned.  For best results contact an expert like ServiceMaster DAK to provide professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services.  After having your carpeting steam cleaned, you can keep it clean with regular vacuuming.

Use Doormats to Keep Dirt Out

The consistent in-and-out traffic in the summer results in dirt, grass, and other outside debris being tracked into the house.  The best way to keep outside dirt out of your home is by establishing a “no shoes” rule in the house.  Placing a doormat or shoe basket near the entrances in your home will encourage others to follow the no shoes rule.

Clean Your Appliances

We use washing machines and dishwashers quite regularly but do we clean these appliances as needed?  Dishwashers and washing machines pick up residue and foul odors that should be cleaned out so that the appliances can be more effective.  Wipe down these machines to remove any built-up residue and use white vinegar to eliminate any odors.

Now that the kids are back in school, take this opportunity to clean the house before the colder fall weather starts settling in.

If you do not have the time to clean your home before back to school and need an extra hand or would like to have your home professionally cleaned; contact Tidy Up Angels and we will do your entire house cleaning. Call the Tidy Up Angels today at 913-642-2006 – or fill out our online estimator for your home: And ask us about our whole house cleaning services in Leawood KS specials.


4th of July Cleaning Tips

4th of July Cleaning Tips

With the summer season in full swing, we are already just days away from everyone’s favorite summer holiday, the 4th of July.  The 4th of July is a great holiday for gathering with friends and family and it is one of the most popular holidays to host cookouts.  If you are planning on hosting a cookout at your home and entertaining guests, it is a good idea to prepare your home by cleaning it up and taking actions to ensure that your 4th of July celebration is safe for all involved.  Cleaning up your home will not only get it ready for company, but also give you an opportunity to make a good impression on your friends and family with a clean home.  These tips will help you prepare your home for a safe 4th of July celebration.

House Cleaning Tips

If you did not have time to finish your spring cleaning, there is no need to panic as you can get your home clean and presentable for your 4th of July guests with just a few tasks.  By cleaning these main areas of your home, you can make your house look a lot cleaner and more presentable.

  • Front of the House: The front of your house is what your guests will notice first before they even reach your property so making sure your yard and home look good from the street will help make a good impression. Mow your lawn and clean up any debris from your yard such as sticks, leaves, and toys and clean up any nests or spider webs that may be on your porch or the front of your house.
  • Doors to the Outside:Most 4th of July parties involve guests moving from inside your house to the yard which means that the door to your yard will be used often. Whether you have a glass sliding door or a more traditional door, make sure both sides of the door and any windows are clean as guests will be using it throughout the entire party.
  • Deck or Patio:If your 4th of July party will mostly be taking place in an outside area such as a deck or patio, make sure that area is clean and free of any debris. You can prepare your deck or patio by sweeping the area and pressure washing it if you have the time.
  • Pool:If you have a pool that will be open to your guests, you should make sure to clean out any debris from the water and vacuum the bottom to make the pool more appealing.

As this 4th of July quickly approaches, use these tips to help prepare your home for guests and plan out a safe 4th of July celebration that can be enjoyed by everyone.  If you do not have the time to clean your home before the 4th or would like to have your home professionally cleaned after hosting a cookout, contact Tidy Up Angels and we will do your entire house cleaning. Call the Tidy Up Angels today at 913-642-2006 – or fill out our online estimator for your home: And ask us about our whole house cleaning services in Leawood KS specials.

Summer Cleaning Checklist

Summer Cleaning Checklist

Along with warm weather, summer brings its share of chores that may need to be tackled more often. Fortunately, you’ll have several extra hours of daylight, which really come in handy when there are additional cleaning tasks to take care of. And don’t forget: If you have kids home from school, you have a built-in set of helping hands.

Do you know which areas of your home might need more attention when the days heat up? The following cleaning checklist can help you stay on top of these seasonal chores so you don’t get the summertime blues.

Floor cleaning

Whether the kids are running back and forth to the pool or you’re coming and going more often to tend to your vegetable garden, your home is going to see a lot of extra foot traffic in the summer. That means you may have to clean the floor a little more regularly. Make it a point to spot clean your floors as needed and vacuum or wash high-traffic areas once or twice a week.

Tip: Invest in a good doormat and instate a “no shoes in the house” rule to help reduce the frequency with which you have to pull floor-cleaning duty.

Cleaning Food Spills

One of the best things about summer is the foods it brings. Unfortunately, ice cream, burgers dripping with ketchup and barbecue sauce can increase the amount of summer cleaning you have to do. So keep plenty of

Clean microfiber cloths on the counters or in the pantry so you have them readily available for spills.You’ll want to tend to spills ASAP to prevent having to chisel goop off of counters later on, not to mention avoid a trail of ants parading through your kitchen. So add wiping down counter tops and dinner tables after meals to avoid those hassles.

Tip: Have kids enjoy lunch and summertime treats like popsicles outside to cut back on indoor food spills.

Managing Trash and Stinky Sinks

The season’s heat can bring out the pungent aroma in your kitchen trash cans, so expect to empty those more often. In addition, summer’s messier food items may mean you’ll need to

Wash your trash can on a weekly basis. Don’t forget that all those grapes and apples you’re using for sangria and snack time may start to decompose more quickly this time of year. Make certain you know how to properly clean your sink to keep the smell from getting out of hand.

Tip: Save lemon rinds from homemade lemonade and run them through your garbage disposal so your kitchen smells bright and fresh.

Laundry Duty

Swimsuits, towels and sports uniforms mean your washer and dryer will be working overtime this summer. Make sure you’re stocked up on laundry detergent and consider investing in an outdoor towel tree or a retractable rack to help

organize your laundry room. Also, this is a fairly easy task that older children should be able to manage. Consider adding washing, drying, folding and stowing clothes and linens to their summer chore list.

Tip: Air conditioners will be working harder during the heat of the day; Save this summer cleaning task for the evenings or early mornings to help prevent brownouts or flipping your circuit breaker.

Bathroom Care

The heat and humidity that accompany summer in many regions means you may have to give your bathroom some extra TLC. When it comes to summer cleaning,

toilets should be tended to at least twice a week. Additionally, you’ll want to be certain you’re running exhaust fans while showering and leaving the bathroom door open after exiting. This can help slow down the spread of mildew.

Tip: Stock up on microfiber cloths and leave them near the shower so that you can easily wipe down shower doors and walls after each use.

Finding it difficult to enjoy the season while tackling all these extra cleaning chores? Let your local Merry Maids take care of the housekeeping so you can make the most of your summer.

Call the Tidy Up Angels and we will do your entire house cleaning. Call the Tidy Up Angels today at 913-642-2006 – or fill out our online estimator for your home: And ask us about our whole house cleaning services in Leawood KS specials.

Natural Spring Cleaning Tips

Natural Spring Cleaning Tips

Give your carpet some freshening by sprinkling baking soda and letting it sit for a half hour, then vacuum.

  1. Remove lime build-upfrom around the kitchen or bathroom faucets by soaking a clean cloth in white vinegar and let it penetrate the affected areas for 20 minutes (while you tackle other chores). Rinse with clear water. BONUS: Old pantyhose make a great bathroom scrubber.
  2. Wash windowswith a mixture of equal parts of white distilled vinegar and warm water. Dry with a soft cloth, newspaper, or clean coffee filters. This solution will make your windows gleam and will not leave the usual film or streaks on the glass.
  3. Take down that grungy plastic shower curtainand wash it with a load of soiled towels. Add 1 cup white vinegar to the rinse cycle. Hang it back up to dry with the exhaust fan running, or line dry it outside.
  4. Freshen your drapes, comforters, throw rugs, and blankets by hanging them outside (weather permitting – not recommended on very humid days) for a couple of hours. Let the sun and wind work their magic. If the items are especially musty, sprinkle them with baking soda first. Shake or vacuum off.

Call the Tidy Up Angels and we will do your entire house cleaning. Call the Tidy Up Angels today at 913-642-2006 – or fill out our online estimator for your home: And ask us about our whole house cleaning services in Leawood KS specials.

Spring Cleaning Tips – Breaking it Down into 10 Minute Chunks

Spring Cleaning Tips – Breaking it Down into 10 Minute Chunks

Break cleaning down into 10-minute chunks.

Sometimes, spring cleaning is a marathon—but it doesn’t have to be. Here are four things you can spring clean in the next 10 minutes.

Dust: Brush a dusting wand over all open surfaces. A few minutes to spare? Break out the furniture polish for a quick shine.

  • Clean doors and switch plates: Using a damp microfiber cloth, remove fingerprints, smudges, and germs from light switch plates and doorknobs.
  • Dust ceiling fans: Place a pillowcase over the fan blade, then pull it toward you to collect the dust. After dusting, use a cloth dipped in warm, soapy water to clean off each blade. Then dry.
  • Baseboards: Use a microfiber mop to swiftly clear dust and debris from baseboards.

Adapt to your cleaning personality.

Some people are stress cleaners, others are chore procrastinators. Identifying your cleaning personality is the first step to coming up with a plan or routine that works for (rather than against) you. For example, if you’re an angry cleaner, go ahead and let that emotion motivate you to tackle tough cleaning tasks, like scrubbing grout. Find your cleaning personality here.

Dust blinds in half the time.

The beginning of spring makes us want to let the light in, which means it’s time to clean our window treatments. Instead of tediously wiping each individual blind, order this brilliant $8 cleaning tool that dusts multiple blinds at once, so you can get the job done much more quickly.

Clean the toilet—without gagging.

Cleaning the toilet lands near the top of the most-dreaded cleaning tasks list. To make it a little less gross, invest in a swivel-head mop with a detachable pole

Clear gunk off your oven door.

If the inside of your oven door is caked with sauce splatters and baked-on food, try this trick “To de-grime the inside of the oven door (including the glass) without using chemicals or scratching, wet a scouring pumice stone, scrub, then wipe clean with a wet microfiber cloth.”

Call the Tidy Up Angels and we will do your entire house cleaning. Call the Tidy Up Angels today at 913-642-2006 – or fill out our online estimator for your home: And ask us about our whole house cleaning services in Leawood KS specials.