Getting Your House Ready For 4th of July Parties

There’s nothing better than a great 4th of July BBQ and having friends and family over to get together for an outdoor party in the yard. The kids can run around free and your dining room is spared from disaster. But before you can kick back, relax and enjoy the festivities, make sure your space is clean and ready to go. Just follow these few tips and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Give your grill a scrub down. To make sure last year’s charcoal or greasy build up is gone before you start grilling this season, take some time to tend to your grill’s interior
  2. Clean up the porch or patio. Designate a separate broom for your outdoor spaces and give it a label so it doesn’t get mixed up with the others. After sweeping your patio, pour some warm water and soap on the ground and sweep it again, this time using extra strength for a deeper scrub. Rinse with water for complete shine!
  3. Wash your umbrella and outdoor fabrics. The best way to clean your outdoor cushions and umbrella is to use a soft bristle brush, warm water, and gentle soap (like Ivory or Dr. Bronner’s). Soak the cushions and pillow cases before scrubbing them with the sponge and for the umbrella, create the solution and scrub the fabric using your brush. Let the fabric dry in the sun.

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Cleaning Myths

Found some amazing cleaning myths that consumer guides reported about and thought I would share with you our findings:

Around the House

Myth: Newspaper works the best for cleaning glass.
 Wet newspaper tears easily, and the ink can transfer to window trim, leaving more to clean. We use microfiber cloths to clean glass, it’s the best at cleaning without streaking.

Myth: Vinegar cleans everything.
 Vinegar is an acid, so it can cut through dirt and can kill bacteria, but only if you use it at full or nearly full strength.  Most people put a capful in a bucket of water, and that doesn’t do much.  Furthermore the acids in vinegar can damage natural stone and wood surfaces – so be careful.

Myth: Feather dusters are more effective than microfiber cloths at dusting.
Fact: Genuine ostrich-feather dusters do attract dust, but they’re expensive and are generally not as effective as lambswool or microfiber options.

Myth: String mops are best for removing dirt and bacteria.

Fact: Industrial-style string mops may look impressive, but studies have shown that microfiber mops are about 20 percent more effective at removing dirt and bacteria.  But if you want to make sure you’re not leaving anything behind on the floor, use a microfiber mop.

Myth: Coca-Cola can tidy up toilets.

Fact: Coke sure isn’t “it” when it comes to cleaning your toilet bowl: Coke is acidic, so it could be effective at removing hard-water stains.  The Coca-Cola website recommends using other options.

Myth: Bleach cleans everything.

Fact: Bleach actually doesn’t “clean” anything—because it doesn’t remove soil.  It can lighten stains, making things look cleaner, and it kills bacteria, so it’s better as a sanitizer than as a cleaner.

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Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Kitchens take a messy beating between hurried breakfasts in the morning, weeknight meals, and food-centric get-togethers. A little routine cleaning and regular upkeep results in a neat space day to day and makes more in-depth monthly kitchen cleaning less daunting. The key to sticking to a routine is creating a cleaning list that works for your schedule and preferences. Use these kitchen cleaning checklist ideas as a guideline and make them your own.

A few minutes of daily cleaning keeps on track and messes at bay. With day-to-day grime wiped away, more thorough weekly and monthly cleanings aren’t such a chore.

  1. Spray and wipe the countertops and range top. Clean off splatters from the vent hood, too.
  2. Sweep the floor and wipe up spills.
  3. Scrub the sink with a general-purpose cleaner. Then wipe dry.
  4. Deal with dishes: Unload clean dishes from the dishwasher and take care of hand-wash dishes as soon as possible.
  5. Tidy up and put away stray items. Relocate anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen to its proper home.

Set aside some time every week to take your daily cleaning a bit deeper. Pick a time during the week when your schedule is usually free and make a date with your kitchen. Establish an order and process that works for you and before long, you’ll be able to breeze through this weekly kitchen cleaning checklist.

With a regular and frequent basic cleaning routine in place, a monthly kitchen deep-clean will be a breeze. Turn your attention to the places that miss most of the day-to-day grime but still benefit from an occasional once-over.

As you establish your cleaning routine, keep these smart tips and tricks in mind:

  1. Commit to your routine with a printed checklist. The visual presence of a kitchen duties checklist is a good reminder and having something to check off feels like an accomplishment.
  2. Tackle spills and messes as they happen and be thorough. Spilled milk that splashes across the counter and onto the floor also tends to find its way into odd places. Open drawers and cabinets to assess the extent of the mess.
  3. Keep a spray bottle of your favorite homemade cleaner or all-purpose cleaner handy for quick and efficient cleanup.
  4. Know your kitchen materials. What is suitable for laminate countertops may do a number on granite or quartz. With material-appropriate cleaners, your kitchen surfaces will stay sparkling.
  5. Keep a broom and dustpan in the kitchen for sweeping after meals and cooking sessions.
  6. Clutter can be a foil to your cleaning routine goals. Get in the habit of returning things that don’t belong in the kitchen to their rightful homes. Do a regular purge of your pantry, freezer, and refrigerator contents.
  7. Delegate, or divide and conquer, and make cleaning a collaborative effort by assigning tasks to family members.

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Motivation to Cleaning and Spring Cleaning

I don’t wake up wanting to clean but I enjoy a clean house and feel so much better when things are tidy and there’s order in our home. When I don’t want to clean, I try to reframe my motivation and think about how much better I’ll feel when the kitchen is clean or the laundry is folded. I’ll also think about how much harder it will be if I put it off another day. Cleaning daily makes it easier every day AND it keeps cleaning from being overwhelming.

And one of the top questions was how to get motivated to clean or spring clean. So today I’m going to share my tips for motivation – I hope that they are helpful!
• Choose cleaning supplies that you enjoy using. Color coordinate or just choose supplies you like the look of – I find that having cute supplies does make cleaning more fun.
• Don’t put it off – get it over with and get on with your life.
• Start in the worst area first and keep going with that momentum.
• Listen to a podcast, audiobook, or your favorite music – think of it as an escape.
• Call someone and chat while you’re cleaning. Chances are you’ll enjoy the conversation more than you realize that you’re cleaning.
• Make it a game – set a timer and race yourself.
• Invite someone over – you will probably get more done in a shorter period of time.
• Reward yourself with something that motivates you when you accomplish your goal.

Tired of scrubbing and cleaning and want to be done with it – call the Tidy Up Angels and we will do your entire house cleaning. Call the Tidy Up Angels today at 913-642-2006 – or fill out our online estimator for your home: And ask us about our whole house cleaning services in Leawood KS specials.


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